AfterGlo® Paint for Buildings

AfterGlo® brand Photoluminescent Building Safety Paint System consists of a white base coat and a tough epoxy, blue or green glowing photoluminescent coat with integrated sealer. The paint is cream-colored under normal light. This paint, which is available in both standard and high-performance formulations, is ideal for floor applications in exit stairwells where other products may not hold up over time and is extremely economical when compared to tape products.

The paint has been has been granted a Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) number by the New York City (NYC) Department of Buildings and is available online at

This paint represents an attractive, cost-effective, easy-to-apply alternative to tape-based photoluminescent (PL) safety products currently used on stairs and stairwell landings. These were initially the only products available to address updated building safety requirements mandated by NYC Local Law 26 in 2006.

AfterGlo® brand High Performance Photoluminescent Building Safety Paint System is the definitive solution in challenging building environments where available adhesive-backed appliqué products have proven unsuitable for wall or stairwell application due to irregular surface conditions or other related issues. A one-gallon kit of AfterGlo® brand High Performance, Photoluminescent Green, Building Safety Paint will cover 400 square feet or a 1-inch stripe, 2,400 feet long. The cost of the paint for a 1-inch stripe? Less than 40 cents per linear foot. This compares favorably to tape, plastic, or aluminum-backed PL products selling commercially at $1.50 per foot or more.

AfterGlo® brand High Performance Photoluminescent Building Safety Paint System can be brushed or rolled directly onto concrete, wood, metal, or painted surfaces. It can be used on floors as well as vertical surfaces such as door trim. It’s a tough, abrasion-resistant, acrylic polymer coating that resists wear and tear. Application is simple, and when the job is done, it’s easy to clean both brushes and accidental spills with soap and water when the paint is still wet. When properly cured, the coating can be washed with standard household and institutional cleaners and a stiff bristle brush.

An added bonus: For building owners concerned with the environment, AfterGlow® brand premium photoluminescent paint is the perfect answer. Since it charges with existing ambient light, it requires no additional electricity and doesn’t require electric power to operate. It’s the ideal “green” solution for emergency stairwell safety, fully compliant with NYC Local Law 26.

The New York City Department of Buildings’ MEA division regulates materials and equipment requiring the Department’s acceptance, including manufactured items affecting public safety, health, and welfare that are usually considered a permanent part of a building. The new MEA number for AfterGlo® High Performance Photoluminescent Green paint is MEA 387-07-M.