SleeveLight™ Photoluminescent Marking Device

SleeveLight Photoluminescent Sleeve

SleeveLight™ is a high-performance, rechargeable, long-lasting, cylindrical photoluminescent sleeve with a cruciform cavity running its length. Photoluminescent SleeveLightslides over chains, wires, ropes, rods, and straps to provide a versatile, cost-effective, glow-in-the-dark marking capability that can help prevent personnel injuries and equipment damage in low-light situations where safety is a concern.

Flight decks on aviation-capable ships and cargo decks on naval and merchant vessels often present a dimly-lit maze of tie-downs of various types, and the possibility of personnel injury from an unplanned encounter is very real. The probability of injury is only heightened during an emergency when people are moving fast and distractions abound. Since the wavelength of the emitted light is outside of the range of Night Vision Goggles, use of SleeveLight™ does not interfere with the visibility of aircrew wearing NVGs.

This photoluminescent sleeve was first explored as a marking device for tie-down chains for our U.S. Naval Carrier Forces after receiving exceedingly positive feedback from the Fleet regarding our photoluminescent paints applied to blade tips of propeller-driven aircraft. The interest is in providing a visible means on flight decks that could prevent injuries that inevitably occur when people trip over or run into tie-downs in the dark. It is surprising how often this happens.

SleeveLight™ provides a reliable and cost-effective solution that can be slipped over most types of chains, wires, ropes, rods, and straps to provide non-electric illumination of these hazards. We are pleased to be able to contribute in even a small way to the protection of our nation’s Warfighters and working men and women.

SleeveLight™ is non-radioactive, non-toxic, scuff- and abrasion-resistant and waterproof and is available in a number of custom sizes. SleeveLight™ and AfterGlow® brand Safety Marking Products are available online through

Other SleeveLight™ Applications

Other SleeveLight™ applications include vehicle tie-downs, depth-marking on anchor ropes and markings for mooring buoys and piers in marinas.

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