Photoluminescent Tactical Products

AfterGlow, LLC is adapting AfterGlow® brand photoluminescent products for a variety of military tactical uses.

Photoluminescent Reticle Illumination in Rifle Combat Optics (RCOs)

Illuminated weapons sights provide an enhanced capability to acquire and engage targets, particularly in low-light levels. Currently, tritium is used exclusively as a persistent, non-electric source of illumination in military sights because of its simplicity and low weight. However, tritium presents numerous safety concerns and logistic problems due to its radioactivity. Storage, transportation, and disposal of tritium sources are expensive and burdensome, resulting in measurable legacy costs. AfterGlow, LLC has adapted its AfterGlow® brand photoluminescent technology to provide a persistent, non-electric, non-radioactive method of illuminating the U.S. military’s TA-31F-RCO Rifle Combat Optic (RCO). This highly-effective photoluminescent illuminator is suitable for all lighting conditions and is affordable, maintenance-free, 100% reliable, and ready for rapid transition.

Photoluminescent Illumination for the Hand Navigation Compass

Photoluminescent illuminators are also being developed to replace radioactive tritium illuminators in hand navigation compasses that presently use tritium illuminators.

Other Tactical Photoluminescent Applications

This technology is also being applied to other types of weapons sights and other tactical applications where tritium illuminators are presently being used.