Photoluminescent Building Safety Products

AfterGlow, LLC is offering AfterGlow® brand photoluminescent safety products, exit signs, and AfterGlo® brand photoluminescent safety paint for government and commercial building applications. Standard products include Low Level Exit Path Markings (LLEPM), signage and paint. All photoluminescent building items are available online through Custom signage is also available. The line of standard products we provide includes:

AfterGlow® Brand Low Level Exit Path Markings (LLEPM) and Other Signage

Photoluminescent Low Location Exit Path Marking with Lights OffAll photoluminescent products sold by AfterGlow, LLC use strontium aluminate or strontium silicate. These “Safety Grade” phosphors are non-toxic and non-radioactive, and retain their ability to be recharged and glow brightly for many, many years.

Low Level Exit Path Markings (LLEPM) are a relatively new type of Life Safety Improvement and consist of a mix of exit path markings at traditional heights and other markings located near the floor where they wouldn’t be hidden by a layer of dense smoke descending from the ceiling and where they could be seen by someone crawling along the floor. They can provide life-saving exit guidance to all residents, employees and tenants during an emergency evacuation.

In addition to our LLEPM systems, we offer a wide range of other signage ranging from energy-saving, UL 924 rated photoluminescent exit signs, to stairwell signage, emergency signage and many others. All are available in our commercial catalog and can be purchased from our on-line store.

We also do custom signs. Need a photoluminescent “You Are Here” sign? We can do that. Need a type of sign you don’t see listed? Contact us and we can probably do that, too!

AfterGlo® Brand Photoluminescent Safety Paint

IBC 2009 Certified, High Performance, Photoluminescent Green, Building Safety PaintAfterGlo® brand High Performance Photoluminescent Building Safety Paint consists of a white base coat and a tough epoxy blue- or green-glowing photoluminescent coat with integrated sealer. The paint is cream-colored under normal light. This safety paint is ideal for floor applications in exit stairwells where other products may not hold up over time, and is extremely economical when compared to tape products.

Photoluminescent Building Products FAQs
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