AfterGlow, LLC’s New Photoluminescent Building Safety Paint Meets 2009 IBC/IFC Requirements

DCN024-20110909_UL-1994-Press-ReleaseTrenton, NC (November 1, 2011) — AfterGlow, LLC has announced that it has developed a new AfterGlo® brand, high performance, photoluminescent green safety paint for buildings (glow paint) that meets the requirements of the 2009 International Building Code and the 2009 International Fire Code. The paint has been tested by a nationally-certified independent testing laboratory to ASTM 2072 – 10 and "meets the requirements of 2009 IBC/IFC, Section 1024.4". The new paint, part number HPPBP01-IBCK-P, will be sold direct and through distribution channels. It is the FIRST and ONLY photoluminescent paint that currently meets the 2009 IBC/IFC requirements for safety paint used in Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems.

AfterGlow’s Photoluminescent Safety Paint (Glow Paint) and IBC 2009, IFC 2009, and NFPA 101

AfterGlow, LLC’s products, including AfterGlo® brand safety paints, are designed to meet the latest building and fire code requirements. Specifically, AfterGlow’s photoluminescent paint systems are intended for installation and use as required by building and fire safety codes such as the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101; the Building Construction and Safety Code, NFPA 5000, and the International Building Code sponsored by the International Code Council. Per the IBC, testing and certification in accordance with ASTM 2072 and/or UL 1994 is required for glow paints like AfterGlow’s new AfterGlo® brand, IBC 2009 Compliant, High Performance, Photoluminescent Green, Building Safety Paint.

Many states, cities and other jurisdictions have recently adopted, or are adopting, the 2009 IBC/IFC standards for floor level markings and other egress path marking and lighting systems. These standards require glow paints to be ASTM 2072 and/or UL 1994 compliant. New York City adopted similar, but less demanding, standards in 1995 with the City approving complying materials on a case-by-case basis. Our New York City glow paint is part number HPP012DGNK-P.

Why ASTM 2072 – 10 Compliant?

ASTM 2072 – 10 applies to standard photoluminescent (phosphorescent) safety materials used to provide supplemental markings of escape routes, emergency equipment, and obstructions along the escape route, including glow paints, used for floor level markings and other egress path marking and lighting systems that provide a visual delineation of the path of egress. Such marking systems are also used to identify significant egress path features such as doors, door hardware, door frames, stairs, stair landings, stair banisters, obstacles, egress symbols, information placards, and similar elements of the egress path. Increasingly, the federal government and other state, county, and local jurisdictions are requiring that photoluminescent safety products and materials must comply with ASTM 2072. For that reason, DHi opted to qualify its products to ASTM 2072 rather than choosing the UL standard.

Rich Martin, AfterGlow, LLC’s President and CEO, Stated:

"We strongly believe that AfterGlow, LLC’s new AfterGlo® brand, high performance, photoluminescent green safety paint for buildings which meets the requirements of ASTM 2072 is the right product at the right time. When used with the white base coat and clear top coat provided in our kit, it forms a tough and damage-resistant, water-based photoluminescent coating system that is compliant with ASTM 2072 as required by IBC 2009 and IFC 2009. We anticipate a great deal of interest from those states, counties and other jurisdictions that are adopting the new fire and building codes. In fact we are the first and only company to offer a glow paint that is compliant with IBC/IFC 2009 for the new safety requirements. Although we still offer our AfterGlo® brand, NYC MEA Approved, High Performance, Photoluminescent Green, Building Safety Paint for the New York City market, we feel our new glow paint is a real game changer because it is compliant with ASTM 2072 and the first to be found to be IBC/IFC 2009 compliant. The paint is specifically designed for pedestrian traffic and is durable for both interior and exterior applications; however it is also used on many other surfaces, including the walls and handrails in stairwells. Given the recent east coast earthquake, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, and now the Southwest Power Outage, we expect even more interest."

AfterGlow, LLC was founded in Trenton, NC earlier this year to take advantage of excellent proximity to transportation, available training, nearby suppliers and an available labor pool. AfterGlow, LLC is a privately-held, service-disabled, veteran-owned, minority-owned, small business that does contract manufacturing, kitting, warehousing, order fulfillment and after-market support for the photoluminescent safety products industry. AfterGlow, LLC provides its customers a variety of photoluminescent products tailored for their specific needs including signs, tapes, cast and molded polymers, metal and polymer extrusions, and photoluminescent glow paints that are NYC MEA registered and compliant with ASTM 2072 – 10, and which meet the requirement of the 2009 IBC and IFC.