AfterGlow Photoluminescent EXIT Signs Are An Environmentally-Responsible Alternative to Tritium EXIT Signs

Photoluminescent EXIT Signs Are An Environmentally-Responsible Alternative to Tritium EXIT SignsTrenton, NC (October 6, 2011) – Responding to an article in the August 18, 2011 issue of Forbes Magazine which described recent problems regarding the release of radioactive tritium into the environment, AfterGlow, LLC points out that its AfterGlow® brand photoluminescent EXIT signs are an environmentally-responsible alternative to tritium EXIT signs.

AfterGlow Photoluminescent EXIT Signs Avoid NRC Concerns With Health Risks Posed By Tritium EXIT Signs

The August 18, 2011 Forbes Magazine article, Radioactive Tritium Leaks from Nuke Plant; Also Two Million EXIT Signs, addresses the environmental issues posed by the alleged leakage of tritium from the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant into the nearby Connecticut River. The article goes on to mention that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is concerned by the health risks posed by “millions and millions of tritium [EXIT] signs installed in movie theaters and parking garages across the country.” Photoluminescent (PL) EXIT signs are a safe, environmentally-responsible, alternative to tritium EXIT signs.

Why Environmentally-Responsible Photoluminescent Emergency EXIT Signs for Fire Exits

Photoluminescent (PL) emergency EXIT signs are a safe, environmentally-responsible, alternative to tritium EXIT signs. Additionally, they avoid the energy consumption of incandescent, fluorescent and light-emitting diode (LED) EXIT signs, the need for periodic maintenance of all electrically powered signs, and the disposal problems with arsenic contained in LED emergency EXIT signs. Unlike tritium signs which generally have a life of less than ten years before they must be disposed of at significant cost at a licensed facility, photoluminescent EXIT signs are environmentally-responsible and have a useful life of several decades. If they ever need to be discarded they can be disposed of in the trash. Photoluminescent EXIT signs are approved for fire exits under most modern building and fire codes and have been used to meet the safety requirements of the New York City Local Law 26. Unlike LED EXIT signs, photoluminescent EXIT signs use ZERO electricity, require no maintenance other than periodic cleaning, and continue to function even if damaged. In May of this year, DHi delivered 550 environmentally responsible, safe, green, AfterGlow® brand photoluminescent EXIT signs and mounting materials to Chenega Technology Services Corporation, Ft Monmouth, NJ to replace existing radioactive tritium EXIT signs at emergency exits at the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Monmouth, NJ (USAGFM).

Rich Martin, AfterGlow, LLC’s President and CEO, Stated:

“We strongly believe that our AfterGlow® brand photoluminescent EXIT signs are the right products to replace legacy radioactive tritium EXIT signs as well as other electrically powered fire signs. Photoluminescent EXIT signs reduce Green House Gas impact since no electricity is needed and they do not require bulb replacement. Additionally no monthly/annual testing or maintenance is required. When properly selected and installed, they last for years and work even if damaged. Given the recent east coast earthquake, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, and now the Southwest Power Outage, we expect even more interest in our fire exit signs.”

AfterGlow, LLC was founded in Trenton, NC earlier this year to take advantage of excellent proximity to transportation, available training, nearby suppliers and an available labor pool. AfterGlow, LLC is a privately-held, service-disabled, veteran-owned, minority-owned, small business that does contract manufacturing, kitting, warehousing, order fulfillment and after-market support for the photoluminescent safety products industry. AfterGlow, LLC provides its customers a variety of photoluminescent safety products tailored for their specific needs including AfterGlow® brand EXIT signs, fire signs, other stock and custom signage, NYC MEA (Local Law 26) compliant products, tapes, cast and molded polymers, metal and polymer extrusions, AfterGlo® brand NYC MEA (Local Law 26) glow paint, and UL 1994 compliant photoluminescent glow paint.