AfterGlow, LLC Is Building A New Distribution Chain For Its Newly-Listed AfterGlow® Brand 100-ft Photoluminescent EXIT Signs


Trenton, NC (September 18, 2012) — AfterGlow, LLC has announced that it has received approval for listing of its new AfterGlow® Brand 100-ft photoluminescent EXIT signs conforming to UL STD 924 and certified to CAN/ULC STD S-572. These 100-ft signs consist of photoluminescent letters and directional chevrons on a red, green or black face plate. Custom designs are available. The new signs are charged by ambient light, consume no energy, require no maintenance and have a life expectancy of 25+ years. The new AfterGlow 100-ft signs join AfterGlow’s line-up of 75-ft and 50-ft photoluminescent EXIT signs that are also approved for both high-level and low-level installation and for outdoor use. They are non-radioactive and may be easily and safely disposed of, unlike tritium exit signs.

AfterGlow’s 100-ft, 75-ft, and 50-ft Photoluminescent EXIT Signs All Conform to UL STD 924 and Are Certified to CAN/ULC STD S-572

UL STD 924 and CAN/ULC STD S-572 apply to fire EXIT signs of all types including photoluminescent fire signs used as emergency exit signs. According to the US Department of Energy, photoluminescent EXIT signs are the MOST energy efficient EXIT signs available: “In locations with proper charging sources, photoluminescent EXIT signs can have an unlimited service life.”

The AfterGlow® Brand 100-ft, 75-ft, and 50-ft EXIT signs conform to UL STD 924 and certified to CAN/ULC STD S-572 and are aimed at both the U.S. and Canadian markets. Qualification testing of the signs was conducted at Intertek ETL. The signs are approximately 16” by 8-1/2” x 3/8” and consist of a red, green, or black ABS® back plate with 7” high photoluminescent letters that glow safety green in the dark. In addition to the “EXIT” letters, there are two photoluminescent directional chevrons. Either or both of the chevrons can be installed in the field to indicate the preferred egress path. The signs are suitable for wall, flag or ceiling mounting. Mounting brackets are available as well as an approved field repair kit.

The signs are approved for both high-level and low-level installation as well as outdoor use. Photoluminescent EXIT signs earn buildings LEEDS points. They reduce Green House Gas (GHG) impact since no electricity is needed, do not use radioactive materials or require bulb replacement or monthly/annual testing or maintenance. There are no disposal issues. Properly selected and installed, they last for years and work even if damaged.

Why EXIT Signs Must Meet IBC 2009, IFC 2009, and NFPA 101 Requirements

AfterGlow® Brand 100-ft, 75-ft, and 50-ft EXIT signs meet the requirements of the NFPA Life Safety Code 101, the International Building Code 2009/2012 and the International Fire Code 2009/2012. Photoluminescent EXIT signs were first approved for use in the U.S. in 2001.

Many states, cities and other jurisdictions have recently adopted, or are adopting, the 2009 or 2102 IBC/IFC standards for EXIT signs. These standards require AfterGlow’s new 100-ft, 75-ft, and 50-ft photoluminescent EXIT signs to meet the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101; the Building Construction and Safety Code, NFPA 5000, and the International Building Code sponsored by the International Code Council. Per the IBC, testing and conformance/certification in accordance with UL STD 924 and CAN/ULC STD S-572 is required for EXIT signs of all types. Beginning with the 2009 version and continuing with the 2012 version, the IBC requires the use of low location EXIT signs – photoluminescent EXIT signs are the ONLY inexpensive solution to this newly approved requirement.

AfterGlow Seeking to Build a New Distribution Chain For Its 100-ft, 75-ft, and 50-ft EXIT Signs

As AfterGlow, LLC is expanding its production of the AfterGlow® Brand UL STD 924/ULC STD S-572 photoluminescent 100-ft, 75-ft, and 50-ft EXIT signs, it is actively seeking distributors for its signs. Existing distributors of PL Exit signs will find unique and patented features of the AfterGlow® Brand signs that offer many benefits over other 100’ rated PL Exit signs that have been on the market over the last decade; most of which would not meet today’s stringent requirements. Potential distributors should have an ability to communicate the life and energy saving benefits of these photoluminescent EXIT signs, as well as having a dedication to growing the potential markets within their territories. An ability to install these signs would contribute an added benefit. Distributors with these capabilities are encouraged to contact AfterGlow LLC by e-mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Rich Martin, AfterGlow, LLC’s President and CEO, on Photoluminescent Exit Signs in the Market

“We strongly believe that AfterGlow, LLC’s new AfterGlo® brand 100-ft photoluminescent EXIT signs are game-changers filling a void in the market or that offer unique and patented benefits not otherwise available. And it is truly ironic that these new signs were approved on 9/11/2012, exactly 11 years after the tragic events that caused us to get into the photoluminescent signage business. Photoluminescent products can be used to retrofit existing buildings, are ideal for historical preservation, and can be used to significantly reduce the energy budget and electrical infrastructure for new construction. Installation costs are very low, they require fewer building materials to make, are maintenance free, and consume ZERO energy because they are charged by ambient light.

Photoluminescent products are effective and, in many emergency situations, superior to the alternatives. Photoluminescent products continue working long after emergency generators typically stop running and the luminance of photoluminescent products far exceeds that of many LED products. Photoluminescent EXIT signs reduce Green House Gas impact since no electricity is needed and they do not require bulb replacement. Additionally no monthly/annual testing or maintenance is required. When properly selected and installed, they last for years and work even if damaged.”

AfterGlow, LLC was founded in Trenton, NC to take advantage of excellent proximity to transportation, available training, nearby suppliers and an available labor pool. AfterGlow, LLC is a privately-held, service-disabled, veteran-owned, minority-owned, small business that does contract manufacturing, kitting, warehousing, order fulfillment and after-market support for the photoluminescent safety products industry. In addition to the new 100-ft, 75-ft, and 50-ft UL STD 924/ULC STD S-572 EXIT signs, AfterGlow, LLC provides its customers a variety of other photoluminescent products tailored for their specific needs including signs, tapes, cast and molded polymers, metal and polymer extrusions, and photoluminescent glow paints that are NYC MEA registered and compliant with ASTM 2072 – 10 and which meet the requirements of the 2009/2012 IBC and IFC.